How to Join Garden State Girls NJ©

You can join the Garden State Girls NJ© any time of the year.  Follow these three easy steps:
1 - Become a member of Women On Wheels®.  This step is important since GSG is a NJ chapter of the national organization of WOW.
2 - Contact our Chapter Director using the contact form.
3 - Complete and submit the Garden State Girls NJ member application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join GSG NJ?

GSG NJ is all women's motorcycle riding group. All who identify as a woman can join. Members' partners or children may join as "support members". There will be dedicated rides and events in which support members can ride/attend. 

Do I need a specific motorcycle or engine size to join?

GSG is a diverse group of riders. We accept all makes, models, and ccs. We currently have riders on manual, automatic, 2 wheels, 3 wheels, and some without bikes. 

What if I'm a totally new rider? Can I still join?

We welcome all riders, including brand new ones! GSG has a mentor program, specifically for women new to riding. Our seasoned riders will take you out on practice runs and teach you how to safely ride within a group. Some of our members are certified motorcycle riding instructors and can set up parking lot drills to practice motorcycle basics or brush up on some skills. 

How much time do I have to commit to the group?

As a riding group, there is no mandatory attendance or participation. We understand many women have families, jobs, and just busy lifestyles. We encourage you to participate as much as possible to really reap the benefits of this wonderful group and get to know our awesome members.

How often do you ride?

When riding season hits and the weather is nice, we aim to organize group rides at least twice a month- typically on weekends. However, members will frequently message each other for random meet ups, short rides after work, rides to lunch/dinner, etc. If you want to ride on a random day and time, chances are another member is available to ride too. 

Is the group active during the "off-season"?

Yes! Although we are a riding group, we have really created a family dynamic within the group. In addition to riding, members will host firepit nights, bbqs, girls weekend getaways, holiday parties, or fly out to warmer areas and rent motorcycles to ride. We also host different charities and charitable events year round. 

What kind of riding trips do you go on?

GSG has been just about everywhere! We try to plan both short and closer weekend trips so even our busier members can attend, as well as longer, more distant trips to popular motorcycle riding locations. All members are welcome on our trips, including those riding on 4 wheels. 

I joined GSG shortly after my sister did and I wasn’t even a driver at that time. The ladies took me in with arms wide open and taught me everything I needed to know about motorcycles, safety, life, how to dodge things flying off bikes or out of saddle bags (LOL), and sisterhood. It is never a dull moment or day goes by without a million chat messages reminding us why we do what we do. From rides around town to rides in other states, these ladies truly abide by and stand by one another through it all. It makes me laugh when people see a “parade of pink and black” and know that “Jerseys in the house!” no matter where we go. Each one of the ladies has their own story and reason for joining but we are more than just a “motorcycle club.” We are a sisterhood bound by the wind, the road, and all the memories we make and will continue to make for years to come. Thanks "mom" for bringing us all together and doing what you do!


I learned to ride years ago, before I had kids. After they’d grown up a bit, I decided to start riding again. Ok, there was a lot more to it than that. I battled cancer and won. Riding was a way for me to feel alive and capable. I rode with my husband and his motorcycle club. But I found that women involved in men’s clubs were not encouraged to ride (we were passengers). So that type of club was not going to help me increase my skills. So I looked for my own club to join. GSG gave me the outlet that I was looking for. Women who seemed to genuinely care for each other. Women tried to make each other better. Women who actually rode and celebrated each ride as an accomplishment. After each ride, I liked them more and felt my riding skills getting better. GSG is now my family.


I joined the Garden State Girls as a new rider.  This is an empowering group of women who are constantly supporting and encouraging each other to grow and become better whether on or off a motorcycle.  GSG has become my second family and I wouldn't trade them for the world.


Riding was a bucket list item for me at first. Then it morphed into challenging myself and one night I accompanied a dear friend to a GSG meeting and I quickly realized that this was no ordinary group of women. These women have strong convictions about the love of life, family, friendship, charity and the ~ wind. These women in my eyes are fearless. They are each solid individuals with rich legacies and integrity. I joined GSG, a riding group for sure, but oh so much more!! Many thanks to Mercedes for her leadership, passion and tireless energy that is inspiring. Thanks to GSG wind sisters for getting me out of my comfort zone and providing such a supportive environment.